These are just some of the needs and comments we hear from other pastors, churches, and leaders on a regular basis. Please join us in praying for this movement and the individual churches and leaders (including The Meeting House!) that could benefit from – and have something to offer – Jesus Collective.

  • I would love a way to be more formally connected to this movement, but I don’t know where to turn.
  • Building a future-ready leadership development pipeline is critical for this movement, but I don’t know where it’s happening with any critical mass outside of academic seminaries.
  • I’m looking for a place to learn, flesh out, and practice what third way pastoring actually looks like in reality – a place to wrestle with the issues of our day in a Jesus-centered way.
  • Our church would value access to high quality Jesus-centered resources from a trusted source that we could use regularly.
  • It would be great if I could find and connect with like minded leaders facing similar challenges, even if they are far away.
  • I’m hungry to be coached and developed – with a real personal development plan beyond just theological training and lectures.
  • We want to keep growing and making more disciples. We want to join together with other churches to help catalyze our growth and expansion.
  • I can’t find access to high quality Jesus-centered curriculum to use in our kids ministry.
  • We have good resources that we would love to share more broadly, but we are limited by our own distribution potential and production capabilities.
  • Other Christian tribes seem more intentional about uniting and coming together than Anabaptists. Why is that?
  • Authority in my life comes from relationship, not from hierarchical structure.